What You Should Know About IGF-1

IGF-1 or Insulin like growth factor is also known as Somatomedin C. Owing to its similarity with insulin from the point of view of molecular structure, this hormone serves as an anabolic agent in adults. The main effect of this hormone is on the growth in various parts of the body that includes the skeletal muscles, nerves, liver, bones, kidney, skin, cartilage, and muscles. This particular hormone has been used as a growth hormone that is released into the blood stream on being produced by the pituitary gland.

How is the hormone used to detect abnormalities in growth?

IGF-1 is made use of so that the rate of abnormal growth activities can be traced. Also used in the detection of abnormalities related to the functioning of the pituitary gland. Deficiency in this particular hormone leads to stunted growth and the person who lacks the hormone may have a stature that appears retarded. Owing to its muscle building capabilities, there have been several instances, when players have used the substance to accelerate growth of their muscles and cartilage. This hormone is basically used as a substitute for steroids, which happens to be banned in the sports arena all over the world, regardless of the sports you are participating in.

Warning for MLB players

Studies reveal that the velvet of deer antlers contains this growth hormone (IGF-1) and this substance is being extensively used by players so that their performance is enhanced. This is basically referred to as performance enhancer, but it is now banned by the MLB!

Why isn’t the substance detected in tests?

Interestingly, even if a player has consumed this growth hormone to enhance performance, the same cannot be traced due to the fact that the substance is usually not detected in urine analysis. As such the IGF-1 has been banned from being used by the MLB. Also the WADA or the World Anti Doping Agency has also imposed a ban on this substance and warned players not to use the IGF-1 in future.

The MLB had alerted the players saying that if consumed there was every possibility that they can be tested positive for steroid methyltestosterone.

However, you will also come across many vendors that promote IGF-1 citing the positive effects of this hormone. If you are not a player who faces impositions about the consumption of IGF-1 and if your medical provider has permitted you to consume the IGF-1, you can as well do so. According to vendors selling this stuff, the positive side of the hormone has been said to help in athletic performance, increasing endurance and strength in muscles, and stimulate growth by facilitating anabolism in human beings.

Why Buy IGF-1?

The main reason why people resort to buy IGF-1 is due to its properties that hinders the aging process and slows it down. This product will help you by delaying the process of getting gray and thinning of hair, getting wrinkles in the skin, enhance metabolism, prevent sagging of skin, prevent bone joints from getting weaker, and last but not the least, feeling energetic at all times. Isn’t it a wonder hormone? It indeed is, provided you are not into any kind of sports!

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