Antler X

We have BIG, BIG news everyone – A new IGF-1 supplement called Antler X has just been released, and it’s absolutely epic. We know because we’ve been using it, and we’re both making incredible gains here.

Yes, our diets are currently “dialed in”, but we both know for a fact that there’s “something extra” happening here. So read on…

The best news is that Antler X contains FAR more New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet than any other products on the market — by a longshot. How much? 100mg is how much, which seems small until you compare this to a measly 11mg from NOW Foods… so basically it’s a 10x dosage! But it’s not 10x the price, that’s for sure!

This is going to be the PREMIUM IGF-1 product on the market. It’ll warrant a slightly higher price than NOW Foods, but I’m already serious – this stuff is worth it. NOW’s is now a joke.

Deer Antler Velvet supplements because their extracts are so extremely close to IGF-1, or Insulin Like Growth Factor 1, in chemical structure, that your body can use it to naturally and safely increase your growth hormone levels. This is why this stuff is banned by baseball… because it brings you the following benefits:

Antler X Benefits

The benefits of Antler X mainly come from the increased IGF-1 and growth hormone levels in your body. I’m 34 years old, things are “starting to fall apart” after years of competitive swimming, volleyball, and heavy weightlifting. All rough on the shoulders.

This product will help you in the following ways (I include my personal stories):

  • Build lean muscle while slowly but steadily burning fat safely.

    After two weeks, I’ve dropped 1% bodyfat and have gained a pound. How’s THAT sound? 6’0, 193lbs, 11% BF, and I’m feeling freaking great.

  • Injury Recovery – This is why the pro’s were using it before it got banned in baseball. Growth hormone boosts everything your body needs to repair tissue (this goes along with building muslce, but it also helps you rebuild joints/ligaments).

    I’ve done a lot of damage to my shoulder, and while it’s not 100% – I still can’t do flat bench press – I have a seriously noticeable smaller amount of pain.

  • Incredible sence of well being.

    Honestly. I’ve been floating on a cloud… you kind of feel it kick in after about 15 minutes. Half of my dosage is ALWAYS pre-workout. Why waste that euphoria?!

  • Rock solid erections.

    I don’t want to sound too lame, but I’m glad I’m dating a girl right now. Because this stuff needs to be put to use.

    My girlfriend asked me two nights ago (about 12 days into the run)… “What’s gotten into you lately?! I love it!”

    I smiled, and in my head, thought “Antler X is what’s gotten into me”

  • Sleep like a rock. I’m sleeping deep. This might go along with the great workouts and sex though, I won’t lie. Either way, it’s happening… I don’t care why or how… and the IGF-1 from Antler X is either directly or indirectly responsible.

  • The Intangibles like clear skin. I didn’t have acne before using this, and still don’t, so I can’t comment on this… but this is what the studies say will happen. Leave a comment if you have any ideas on this one.

These benefits are for real, this product is legit, and you need to try AT LEAST one run… as long as you’re not getting drug tested for sports performance. Always talk to your drug testing organization before using ANY supplement! The benefits are for everyone, but I don’t want you to get in trouble for it.

Antler X Ingredients

First off, AntlerX contains 100mg New Zealand Deer Velvet, as mentioned above. Nearly 10x more than the nearest competitor, providing all the benefits listed above.

Here’s the rundown:

  • 100mg New Zealand Deer Velvet

  • 50mg Zinc

    Beyond that, there is 50mg of zinc, which is 333% USRDA daily recommendation. Taking this stuff before bed = GREAT immune support as well as the rock solid sleep mentioned above.

  • 35mg Niacin

    Niacin, also known as Vitamin B3, does tons of stuff. This is 140% USRDA. Niacin’s benefits are mainly for improved circulation, lower “bad” cholesterol levels, healthy skin, and osteoarthritis treatment.

    This is included for the improved circulation. Why? We need to DELIVER this to your muscles. More bloodflow = More IGF-1 to where it counts!

  • 150mg Proprietary Micro Delivery System Blend – L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, L-Glutamine, Tribulus Terrestris

    While this is a relatively small dosage of these in AntlerX, it’s the L-Arginine that was a VERY smart inclusion here. Ever hear of nitric oxide supplements? This is how they work. They increase bloodflow by producing Nitric Oxide gas in your blood – widening the blood vessels, and thus improving nutrient delivery.

    What does that mean? It means more bloodflow to everything — and more IGF-1, Zinc, and Niacin delivery — a whopping improvement over the competition.

    The “side effect” of this? More bloodflow to your penis too. I kid you not.

    L-Glutamine is good for working out on an empty stomach – it’s muscle sparing via a mechanism called GLUT4, while L-Carnitine is an amino acid that ROCKS for preventing fatty build-up.

    Tribulus terrestris.. interesting addition here. This product has been shown time and time again to improve libido and sexual function – but it is NOT a testosterone booster and doesn’t typically boost muscle growth (despite some marketers’ claims). That said, the stuff is great for what it is – bloodflow and mood enhancement. This might be part of the euphoria I’m feeling when I take Antler X.

Antler X Side Effects

Not a single one, unless you count more bloodflow to your buddy downstairs as a side effect.

It even tastes good – and I know this is important because one of the side effects of deer antler velvet is that it tastes like crap. Thankfully, there’s plenty of stevia to cover that up.

How to Take Antler X

The image to the right has the actual label instructions.

Take five sprays under your tongue twice a day. Swish it around for 10 seconds and swallow. It’s best to not drink any water or eat food afterwards, so that any remnants can get into your bloodstream quickly (under the tongue is a great way to do this).

I like one of these pre-workout, and the other before bed for the zinc to help knock me out.

AntlerX Reviews

I don’t feel like rewriting everything I stated above. My review is in the benefits listed above. Two weeks in, I’m personally 1% down on bodyfat and 1lb heavier. This is all new muscle mass and perhaps a bit more bone density.

Where to Buy Antler X

Antler X is best bought online, and there are links all over this page to get it at the best deal. When buying online, you don’t have to deal with clerks or sales tax (unless it’s shipped from your own state). You can buy anytime, anywhere, discretely online! So click one of the links, it’s shipping now!

6 Responses to “Antler X”

  1. Jim February 13, 2012 at 7:57 pm #

    I use sytropin hgh,and now i have orderd antler x,should i stop useing the hgh spray and just use antler x or should i still use both.?? or should i use one on one day and the other on the next day and switch back and forth????

    • Admin February 15, 2012 at 10:36 am #

      Good question.

      The way this works is that IGF-1 has a slower “burn” rate and your elevated HGH levels will last in the blood longer. Sytropin has a quicker spike. So these CAN be used at the same time for a cool synergistic effect (just like whey is a fast protein, and casein is a slow one for bedtime – they each have their uses and can be used on the same day).

      However, when I’m evaluating supplements, I like to feel the efficacy of each one separately. So I would personally use AntlerX for a month on its own, and then add Sytropin in after that month and see if you can feel the compounding effects.

      But you can definitely stack these at the same time if you can afford it. It’s up to you – I’d still want to feel Antler X on its own though.

      And as a personal update, I can’t believe how well my shoulder is feeling from this stuff. It’s unbelievable. Solid technique + AntlerX + stretching/rehab is quite a combo.

  2. bob c June 1, 2012 at 5:50 pm #

    Been using the product for 3 months. Prior to that used Sytropin off and on for a few years, generally 3 months on and 3 months on. What I have noticed with the Antlerx is my hair is turning brown, from grey. What’s the deal?? Got to admit I am impressed with the product. bobc

    • Admin June 4, 2012 at 9:25 am #

      Bob – That’s incredible! We’ve spoken to the AntlerX team, and basically, it’s not an effect that is promoted, but you are NOT the first person to start getting hair color back.

      My guess is that you’re activating some “long-unused” process in your pituitary gland that is promoting coloration. Hair coloration is not the most “important” process to the body, so the lessening of your GH levels as you age means that your hair color is likely getting the short end of the biological stick, so to speak.

      However, there’s no clinical study data behind this, since nobody has tried using it for this pupose – but it seems to have become common enough that we should look into it further to help others.

      Are you getting more color at the root, or color in hair that was already grown??

  3. Shirley Fields May 8, 2013 at 9:34 am #

    Is this product for women?

    • Admin May 17, 2013 at 5:39 am #

      While it’s “marketed to” men, women can definitely get similar results.

      What are your goals? If you’re looking for a bit better sleep, less soreness, or to recover from injury, it’s definitely worth a shot. Your hair and nails might grow a bit stronger and faster too. Cool things like that happen.

      But if you’re wanting to get “huge and jacked” like the guys in the pictures… then no. Your diet and training guide you in that aspect.

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