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But if you’ve never really realized its effects, you should get acquainted with the nature of IGF-1 before you buy IGF-1.

IGF-1 is the acronym for Insulin-Like Growth Factor. This is a product of the Human Growth Hormone or HGH. IGF-1 is produced when the body produces HGH usually after rigorous physical exercise or sleep. Insulin also plays a big role in producing IGF-1 but it is HGH that remains the primary producer. HGH is converted into IGF-1 by the liver.

Why Buy IGF-1?

People buy IGF-1 because of its powerful ability to reverse the aging mechanism of the body. HGH production is highest during adolescence and declines as a person ages. Only 25% of the HGH produced in adolescence is produced when a person reaches the age of 60. The decreased production of HGH and IGF-1 leads to graying and thinning hair, sagging and wrinkling of the skin, weaker joints, slower metabolism, decreased energy levels, and loss of sexual desire. The role of IGF-1 Lipospray is to bring back youthfulness by accelerating the production of IGF-1. This product has been making waves in the market because it is so easy and convenient to use. Yet, its as effective as the intravenous versions of IGF-1.

The formulation of IGF-1 Plus is really simple and natural. One ingredient that you will find surprising is the Deer Antler Velvet Extract and the Stevia Extract. Antler X is infused with an incredible dose this not-so-familiar ingredient because of the rich amount of IGF-1 in the antlers. Yes, the Deer Antler Velvet Extract is really derived from the antler of the deer. The manufacturers scrape a layer of the deer antlers to come up with this extract. The taste of IGF-1+ is very appealing to the palate because of its natural lemon flavor and stevia extract, a natural sweetener. If you are worried about animal cruelty in the process of making IGF-1+, you should put all your worries to rest. Acquiring the Deer Antler Velvet Extract does not entail bloodshed.

Using the liposomal spray is very easy. You should always shake the product before use. You need to spray in the mouth five times to release the right dosage. Let it stay in your mouth momentarily before swallowing it. You need to use this two to three times daily.

You will enjoy several advantages if you decide to get IGF-1 instead of sticking to other means of fighting aging. You will probably be offered to take medications to supply your body with HGH but that’s going to hurt your finances in the long run. There’s nothing wrong with prescription HGH because it is guaranteed to be safe. However, with the rising costs of medication, revolutionary products have been created to serve as natural alternatives to prescription HGH. You should buy IGF-1 if you are seeking natural anti-aging products. The velvet layer of the deer antlers has been used in Chinese alternative medicine for centuries already.

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