IGF-1 Spray

IGF-1 Spray contains the ultimate growth factor is primarily produced in the liver as a response to the release of Human Growth Hormone. However, individuals experience deficiencies in HGH as they age due to the lower release of growth hormone in the pituitary as well as the loss of IGF. IGF-1 supplements correct this problem by transporting amino acids and glucose into the muscle while stimulating the production of new muscle cells. This eventually results in faster muscular development and quicker recovery from injuries or intense training.

IGF-1 Spray and Deer Velvet Antler

Deer antlers are known for their ability to grow at incredible speeds. As they reach their final size, their cartilage gradually converts into bone as well. When the antlers have become fully hardened, stags rub them against rocks or trees to remove remaining skin. This results in the development of sharp, bony weapons that deer use to during the mating season or autumn rut. Every spring, the cycle for new antler growth begins while the hard antlers from the previous season are cast off. This is the exact time when deer velvet is harvested, turned into IGF-1 Spray, and used for its medicinal properties.

An IGF-1 Spray contains essential amino acids and growth factors that can affect every cell in the body. IGF-1, a hormone that is best known for its effects on athletic performance, aging, and cell rejuvenation, is responsible for exerting three major influences on the human body. It regulates hormonal events, stimulates cell growth, and acts as a powerful neuropeptide. As people age, the level of growth factor in the body declines and bones or muscle atrophy. By replacing IGF-1, the body can regenerate bone mass and lean muscle. It also turns the body into a fat-burning powerhouse, allowing it to burn fat without experiencing muscle breakdown.

Benefits of IGF-1 Spray

IGF-1 is not only popular among athletes and bodybuilders. Non-athletes also use this hormone to improve their overall health. Clinical studies show that IGF actually has a significant effect on the heart muscle. It increases the efficiency of the heart and allows it to function better, thus increasing the flow of blood to other parts of your body. Aside from keeping the cardiac function normal, it also allows users to burn fat faster no matter what workout plan they are using. Other studies have also revealed that IGF can strengthen the immune system, thus increasing the bodys resistance to infections and other diseases.

IGF-1 Spray from deer antler velvet can also improve the utilization of blood sugar. By improving the sensitivity of insulin receptors, it gives insulin an easier time in getting blood sugar to cells and encouraging them to utilize blood sugar as fuel. This greatly improves the blood sugar levels of people, especially those who have diabetes. For those who wish to get a leaner body, IGF-1 is also a supplement of choice. This hormone can shift the use of carbohydrate, allowing you to burn fat more efficiently as you exercise. Unlike other supplements, it also prevents you from losing muscle along with fat while you are dieting.

The outstanding effect of an IGF-1 Spray on the human body does not only end there. Antler velvet also has the ability to provide long-term relief from inflammation caused by tissue injuries and joint pain. Research studies in Japan also discovered that antler velvet can speed up the healing of damaged nerve tissues, thus aiding in the recovery of those who are suffering from whiplash and cervical injuries. They also suggest that high concentrations of this hormone can result in faster tissue repair after injury. These amazing properties make IGF-1 ideal for those who wish to recover faster from their strenuous workouts.

IGF-1 Spray vs. Pills and Powders

For starters, most athletes consider IGF-1 oral spray as a dream come true. Generally, it can stimulate blood flow and increase the energy levels of users. This process results in improved athletic performance, increased muscle stamina and strength, and faster recovery from exercise. Faster recovery from injury is not only associated with the growth factors themselves but also their powerful anti-inflammatory agents. A higher level of IGF-1 in the body is actually equivalent to better athletic performance and greater muscle strength. With an IGF-1 spray, even non-athletes can experience the amazing health benefits that this hormone brings.

An IGF-1 Spray is also better than pills and powders because they have lower degrees of bio-availability. As powders or pills travel into the intestines and the liver, some of their potency gets lost in the process. An IGF-1 oral spray solves this problem because it allows you to absorb deer velvet antler better. There is also less chance of experiencing stomach problems if you are using a spray rather than capsules or powders. Aside from acting faster than other forms of IGF-1 supplements, an oral spray is also easier to carry and use since you will not need to drink liquid to wash down a big capsule down your throat.

However, not all IGF oral sprays are created equal. If you are looking for an excellent source of deer velvet antler, Antler X IGF-1 is your safest bet. Despite its affordable price, IGF-1 is still as effective as other performance-enhancing supplements in the market. It is also the only IGF-1 Spray in the market that is safe for regular use, which of course made it the supplement of choice among fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders.

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