Athletes Who Have Used IGF-1

For athletes, having a competitive advantage is worth a lot. If you have a competitive advantage over the other players, the probability of you winning is a lot higher. While officials try to make sure that competitive advantages are minimized, players are always on the lookout for new ways get ahead. One way that players have tried to get ahead is with the use of steroids, but that’s far too risky these days.

Why Athletes have Used IGF-1

Since steroids have been around for so long, it has become fairly easy for officials to detect the use of this drug. Because of this, players are turning to other substances to give them an edge. One drug that is a lot like steroids is IGF-1. IGF-1 promotes cell growth and recovery like steroids do, but it is much harder for drug tests to find. Since it is hard for drug tests to find, IGF-1 has grown in popularity over the years. At this point, you might be wondering which athletes have used IGF-1. So, which athletes have used IGF-1?

Roy Williams and IGF-1

One athlete who has used IGF-1 is Roy Williams. Roy Williams is a safety for the Cincinnati Bengals. Being a football player, it is very important to have a lot of muscle mass. This is probably one of the primary reasons why Roy Williams took this drug. Also, it is easy for him to get away with the use of the drug, since the NFL would have to administer a blood test in order to find traces of the substance.

Ray Lewis – GUILTY…. of IGF-1 Usage for Injury Recovery

Another football player who has used IGF-1 is Ray Lewis. Like with Williams, Lewis probably felt the pressure of being as fast and muscular as possible, which led him to start using IGF-1. As Ray became older, he started to recover from injuries slower. IGF1 supplementation helps in that case. Supposedly, Lewis’ coach Hue Jackson gave him the substance to try.

David Vobora Used IGF-1

One football player that has tested positive for the use of IGF-1 is David Vobora. If an athlete does test positive for the use of IGF-1, it is likely that he or she will be kicked out of the league they’re currently in. Even though IGF-1 is not a steroid, it effects the body in the same way. Because of this, almost all leagues have banned the substance.

Update: Vijay Singh has Used Deer Antler Velvet

As of 2013, we have a new athlete using it for recovery – Vijay Singh. You can read our write-up on Vijay Singh and Deer Antler Spray for more information there.

Should YOU Use IGF-1 Supplements?

Since you now know some athletes that have used IGF-1, you should be able to see just how common this drug is. Its popularity primarily comes from the fact that it is very hard to detect in regular drug tests. The only way to detect IGF-1 is if a blood test was used, which is very costly and time consuming. So at an amateur level, you may be able to use it to recover from injury and build muscle faster than ever.

Many football players use IGF-1 because of the added strength and agility the drug provides. Soreness basically goes away with it. Soccer players have also been known to use this drug. Even though many athletes are tempted to use IGF-1 because of all its benefits, many end up stopping themselves.

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Keeping levels of IGF-1 high for too long has some potential side effects, such as causing prostate and breast cancer. Other side effects of IGF-1 include headaches and hand swelling. If you are an athlete, it is very important to way both the positive and negative effects of taking a drug like IGF-1.

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