Post Workout Meal = The Most Important Meal of the Day

When you were young your parents would always drill it in to you that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. This was true back then but right now we are not doing math or science class, we are trying to transform our body and for this reason the most important meal of the day becomes our post workout meal.

I am sure you have heard that we do not change our bodies in the gym we simply create the demand to for our bodies to change in the gym, its outside of the gym that the magic happens with proper rest and nutrtion, without it our workouts are almost pointless.After we have an intense workout we have a 40 minute window in whcih we have to get the proper nutrtion into our bodies in order to take advantage of our workout. During this 40 minutes the body is like a sponge and will soak up everything you put into it to repair the body.

Post Workout Meal – Time for Speed!

I am sure you know that all fitness professionals recommend we intake slow releasing proteins and carbohydrates during our day, well this is true with the exception of our post workout meal. After our workouts we want the opposite to what we would go for at any other part of the day. We need quick releasing protein and carbs so it can get to our muscle ASAP. We do this with liquid nutrition. As we only have that short window of opportunity to feed our muscles we don’t waste time preparing solid food by the time you get home, eat it and allow for it to digest their is your window gone, Remember its not 40 minutes to eat its 40 minutes to get it through your body and liquid will always be absorbed into the body quicker than solid food,

Your best bet here is a good quality whey protein powder mixed with water. You want to be getting in around 40g of protein straight after your workout as this is about the maximum protein that will be used by your body as any one time. Protein are the building blocks that’s used to repair muscle and help them grow and thus becomes the most important part of the post workout meal. It is essential part of any transformation process whether it be losing weight or bulking up.

Your next thing that you need is some quick releasing carbohydrates for this I’d go with maltodrexin this also comes in powder form and can be mixed in with your whey protein powder as soon as you finish your workout. This means you bring it to the gym in your shaker bottle with you not wait until you get home to have it.

Post Workout Meal Supplements: How about Glutamine?

After this i would recommend you add some glutamine which is also mixed in with the whey protein. Glutamine is the fastest absorbing amino acid available and will aid in protein synthesis, cellular energy and regulation of acid base balance in the kidney.

Remember is you do not get your post workout meal in check you will cut in half the chances of you reaching your full potential and we work so hard in the gym why would we want to give any of that back.

This guest post was written by Michael Zollo
Head trainer at 6 Star Fitness (Adelaide Personal Trainer)
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