A Happier Way to Ease Pain

Scientists from the Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA have announced that regular and habitual anti-inflammatories were putting people’s health at risk. Taking drugs such as Ibuprofen for longer than a decade increase their chances of developing kidney cancer by three times. Using a sample of 125,000 participants they discovered that taking them for long periods had an adverse effect on their health. However, (if regularly used) even those who hadn’t yet been taking them for over a decade were 51% more likely to suffer from kidney cancer if they used over the counter anti-inflammatories. It is the commonest form of kidney cancer, accounting for 2% of all diagnosed cancers in the UK, and has around a 33% survival rate.

For years we have been told that exercise can help with pain relief and many people that suffer with a health condition like diabetes or Arthritis are using the services of a personal trainer to help them with exercise safely and effectively. But for those that do not like the thought of exercise there is even better news.

Recent research by Oxford University scientists may bring some comfort and relief to those alarmed by the revelations from those at Harvard Medical School.

Pain Relief – A Personal Trainer Can Help!

They make the rather fantastic claim that laughter is a natural pain reliever. Professor Robin Dunbar, who led the experiments, drew this conclusion through comparing the pain tolerance of his subjects, after some had watched comedy clips and some had watched factual clips or drama. After recording the amount of laughter of the multiple groups, he then subjected them to activities such as seeing how long they could stand a frozen wine cooler sleeve on their arm, amongst other things, in order to see how well the different groups of people withstood pain. The physical taxation of laughter releases endorphins, which are a well publicised natural mood enhancer, which also help to control pain. However, to all the fakers out there, it’s worth noting that it is only genuine laughter which will reap the health benefits.

Some experts claim that the sharp exhalations with no in-drawing of breath is responsible. So forget the troubles of the day and embrace a proper belly laugh, either with some friends, or by watching a funny film, or going to a stand up show. Not only will it brighten your mood, but it will also improve your health!

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