Insulin Like Growth Factor 1

Sometimes referred to as somatomedin C, insulin like growth factor 1 is a type of hormone and protein in humans that is programmed by the IGF1 gene. In the 1970s, this protein is also known as a sulfation factor and the effects were dubbed to be non-suppressible insulin-like activity or NSILA. It is called insulin like because it is very similar to insulin, which is a hormone that is in charge of breaking down sugar and converting it to energy for the body to use. On the other hand, the insulin like growth factor 1 is in charge of controlling the muscle growth in adults and in controlling bone growth in children. This hormone is capable of doing these functions by taking the proteins from the blood and combining them by various means.

How is Insulin Like Growth Factor 1 Produced?

The insulin like growth factor 1 is naturally produced by the body and works together with the human growth hormone. Bodybuilders would usually take supplements with both insulin like growth factor 1 and human growth hormone. The two hormones strengthens each other, thus, bodybuilders have amazing results for their body. The pituitary gland is the one that produces human growth hormone while the liver produces the other one. Normally, one is typically produced during the day while the other is produced during the night, thus, the two hormones can properly work together. However, with supplements that has the two hormones, both hormones could now function at the same time and can perform their duties efficiently.

Bodybuilders and Insulin Like Growth Factor 1

Bodybuilders will take the supplements before they start their workouts because they will give the supplement enough time to break down and go to their bloodstream. The insulin like growth factor 1, then, will already be in their muscles and will be helping it recover faster. This will make the muscle develop rapidly. This protein can be utilized in getting amino acids in the body to be conveniently handled and stored. This function will be very useful in areas of the human body in which there will be the better chance of developing muscles and to guarantee that all the tissues will be sustained properly.

This hormone is not only helpful for bodybuilders as people with medical illness can also benefit from it. People that are ill usually lose muscles due to their medical condition so this hormone could efficiently rebuild them. This will be really beneficial to people who have cancer or long-term injury that resulted to muscle atrophy. The hormone can also help people with genetic disorders or birth defect disorders. Based on recent studies, researchers state that they are confident that this hormone will also help patients who have harsh burns in repairing their skin tissue in a more rapid pace. In addition, researchers hope that this protein will also be able to help people with AIDS when it comes to regenerating the muscles that they lost so that they could prolong their lives.

The insulin like growth factor 1 is closely associated to another protein known as insulin like growth factor 2, which binds the IGF-1 receptor and IGF II receptor. This protein serves as an essential contributor to the biological aging process in various organisms aside from humans. The variation in levels of this protein in the circulation is caused by several factors, such as, age, body mass index, disease, estrogen status, exercise status, genetic makeup, nutrition level, race, stress level, time of the day, and xenobiotic intake. Another use of this protein is as a tool for making diagnosis. Physicians efficiently use it as a screening test for gigantism, growth hormone deficiency and excess in acromegaly.

Where to Buy Insulin Like Growth Factor 1 Supplements

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