IGF-1 Side Effects

If you are looking for a great way to improve your athletic performance, you will probably start wondering about IGF-1 side effects. Deer antler velvet, a supplement that contains essential growth factors, has long been used by athletes to leg up on their competition. Russian athletes and Olympians have also taken this supplement for decades because of the amazing results it brings. With Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 as its key component, it is only reasonable to find out how this hormone affects the human body in many ways.

What is IGF-1 and are there any IGF-1 Side Effects?

Insulin-like growth factor is a hormone that works similar to insulin. As one of the four growth factors found in the human body, it immediately became popular because it consists of over 70 amino acids. Despite the rumors about IGF-1 side effects, athletes continue using deer velvet because of its ability to regenerate cells and stimulate the growth of new cells in the body. For this reason, the growth factor in deer velvet immediately became recognized as the best hormones used for building muscle mass, burning body fat, and improving recovery times.

IGF-1 is also great for increasing muscle size and strength. When IGF levels are at their highest in the bloodstream, muscles can easily recover to return healthier and stronger. Athletes who wish to take their game to the next level will greatly benefit from its ability to shorten recovery periods, whether they are performing cardiovascular or weight training. Even non-athletes can greatly benefit from this hormone because of its ability to boost HGH production and reverse the signs of aging. Those who took IGF supplements experienced regenerative effects because it helped them recover faster from injuries.

Benefits of IGF-1 Supplementation

Velvet deer antler has long been used for Chinese medicine because of its ability to enhance the quality of sleep, boost athletic performance, and improve overall health. When it was reintroduced in the market, some people immediately became wary of IGF-1 side effects. However, studies have shown that deer antler velvet is actually a great alternative to steroids because it is all natural and it can increase the growth of muscle cells without causing adverse effects. It was also proven to restore the protein balance in the body, which of course makes it ideal for both men and women.

As a receptor on various types of cell tissue, IGF-1 is also known for stimulating the fast production of new muscle tissue. This leads to increased results from normal training routines. IGF-1 also helps the connective tissue around the muscle to grow, which allows users to build well-developed and strong muscles. According to scientific studies, most of the IGF-1 side effects are actually positive in nature. The heart, for example, is also a tissue that IGF-1 can stimulate. This improves the flow of blood throughout the body and boosts the results an individual gets from any workout routine.

IGF-1 is also great for those who wish to achieve a lean body mass. It can encourage the body to utilize sugar and starch as fuel, thus allowing it to burn fat more efficiently. Aside from this, another wonderful effect that IGF has on the body is that it encourages it to lose weight without resulting in muscle breakdown. Unlike other supplements used for building muscle, IGF-1 side effects also include its ability to reverse the signs of aging. By keeping high levels of IGF in the bloodstream, both athletes and non-athletes can address the deficiency of human growth hormone in the body.

IGF-1 Side Effects and Drug Interactions

While most of the effects of IGF on the body are positive in nature, this naturally-occurring hormone may also produce a number of adverse effects. Most of these adverse effects are mild, which ranges from elevated blood sugar to headaches. In a study that wanted to test the ability of IGF to increase the height of children, most of the subjects reported headaches and short-lived feelings of nausea. Aside from this adverse effect, most of the effects of IGF on the body were greatly beneficial. This is probably the reason why IGF-1 immediately became a great alternative to synthetic steroids.

However, some studies have also reported other IGF-1 side effects. One was accidentally discovered when they found out that IGF can actually hinder the growth of malignant tumors. While the belief that this hormone may prevent cancer immediately became popular, the medical community suggests that more studies are needed to confirm this side effect. On the other hand, another study also discovered that IGF can elevate blood sugar levels. However, sports doctors still recommend this hormone because it is far less harmful than synthetic steroids and other performance-enhancing supplements.

If you do not want to experience any of these adverse effects, you should consider using the Antler-X IGF-1 Enhancer instead of other, much weaker deer velvet supplements. Whether you are trying to lose weight or build muscle, AntlerX is a good choice because it does not cause IGF-1 side effects but it is still as powerful as other performance-enhancing products in the market.

As always, see a doctor before beginning any supplementation program, including IGF-1 enhancers.

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